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Pontika Aerotech follows the highest standards of ethics, quality, and safety through our comprehensive policies that serve as guiding principles shaping our interactions, operations, and decision-making processes. Our policies ensure that we adhere to stringent quality standards throughout all stages of research, development, and manufacturing, guaranteeing the excellence and consistency in our deliverables. We are committed to maintaining the utmost confidentiality and protecting intellectual property through our policies, ensuring the trust and privacy of our clients’ sensitive information. Our policies reflect our dedication to creating a safe and sustainable working environment for our employees, clients, and communities. We strictly adhere to regulatory guidelines, addressing environmental concerns, and promoting the well-being of our workforce. Moreover, our policies establish ethical guidelines, fostering a culture of integrity, professionalism, and transparency in all our endeavours. Overall, our policies are the pillars of our commitment to excellence, accountability, and responsible business practices. Here are some of the outcomes our policies help us achieve:

  • A one-stop-shop covering the entire width (customers) and depth (dosages) providing end-to-end solutions from concept to final product delivery
  • Innovative solutions in novel technology platforms such as Nanotechnology, Liposomal technology, Nose-to-brain, Skin-to-blood, etc. 
  • Providing value added services such as optimisation of manufacturing processes and adding unique selling propositions to existing products.
  • Capabilities of hand-holding our customers in providing regulatory services with a strong network in various regulatory bodies such as NPPA, DCGI, FSSAI, etc.
  • Class A/C manufacturing and filling capabilities
  • Integrated Supply Chain Solutions both backward and forward.

Our Quality Management System

Pontika Aerotech is committed to providing paramount customer satisfaction by delivering world-class quality and ensuring timely delivery. We are dedicated to establishing successful collaborations with internal and external customers to ensure integration of best practices and quality processes that are developed, maintained and improved continually. 

We strive to identify, meet and exceed our customers’ quality management requirements through world-class manufacturing practices. We follow the latest national and international standards to maintain safety, efficacy, identity, strength, and purity of our products, and are committed to add value for our customers with continual improvements and innovations.

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