Designing the soul of products
Harnessing the power of creativity to bring
to life extraordinary products & solutions


Innovation is at the heart of our strategy and is a priority at Pontika Aerotech. With a strong team of scientists, and investments in intellectual capital and R&D tools, the company constantly looks out for new molecules and improvement of current processes. Our R&D strategy focuses on:

  • New Products/Novel Drug Delivery systems like Nano Technology for improved Bioavailability, thereby lowering dosage.
  • Lifestyle changing products such as Self-Esteem boosters like Mouth Fresheners, Body Deodorants, Anti Dandruff agents, etc.
  • Switching to efficacious and Natural/Herbal actives and ingredients.
  • Leverage of eco-friendly and superior dispensing systems: Bag-on-value (BOV), wider angle of the spray, dispensing of finer particles, etc.
  • Improved dispensing and propellant pressure ensuring even flow and evacuation of contents.
  • Development of alternate effective and efficient processes with reduced cycle time and optimized cost.

Having a complete grip on the current market and insight into the future Local and International requirements, we can co-create with our clients. We focus on value propositions in terms of better delivery of actives, improved sensorials, stable formulations and cost-effective options ensuring 100% compliance in all aspects, thereby improving brand standing in market.