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Pontika Aerotech has state-of-the-art facility equipped with advanced technologies, safety features, and fully automated lines to provide our customers with quality finished products and scalable production capacity. Our fully integrated manufacturing process provides you with a single-source solution for your manufacturing needs.

Our manufacturing facility has been built in accordance with cGMP guidelines and ICH quality standards for all segments of manufacturing with great degree of focus on safety standards and product quality.

Key features of our facility include:

  • Manufacturing, Filling, and Packaging areas meet ISO Class 8 classification
  • Dispensing area meets ISO Class 5 classification
  • Machinery adopting Fully Atomized Pneumatic Operations with Flame Proof Protection (FLP)
  • Complete isolation of Pharma and Ayurvedic operations as per statutory requirements
  • Separation of material and man movement to avoid contamination

With more than 15 years in the manufacturing business, we’ve developed comprehensive processes and techniques to help get your product ready for market.

This makes Pontika Aerotech as the First and one-stop choice for our customers.