Research & Development
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Progress with a purpose

A state of the art Research and Development facility, with optimum modern technical capacities located at Paonta Sahib, District Sirmour (HP), (in line with the GMP/GLP requirements) and is well-equipped with the technology required to conduct high-quality research activities and prototype product development.

Pontika’s R&D strengths are in developing intellectual property in non-infringing processes and resolving complex chemistry challenges. We are in the process of developing new dosage formulations and applying new technology for better processes.

The instrumentation and analytical knowledge base at the unit facilitate in:

  1. Development of analytical methods , method validation and specifications from raw materials to finished products.
  2. Accelerated and real-time stability studies.

We are committed towards developing innovative technologies and creating a knowledge base in high quality formulations and development of drug delivery systems.

R&D Capabilities:
  • State of art laboratory facility and Pilot plant as per ICH (International conference on Harmonisation) guidelines.
  • BOV Filling System
  • Aerosol filling System
  • Cream and ointment development facility
  • Pilot plant with Manufacturing vessels ranging from 30 to 300L
  • Pilot Area with Filling line of BoV Technology
  • Propellant purging Machine
  • LPG filtration System
  • Bench Top Centrifuge
  • Hot air oven & Refrigerator
  • Reverse Laminar Air Flow
  • Stirrers, Weighing Balances, Homogenizers, gauges etc of various types and ranges.
  • State of art laboratory facility and Pilot plant as per ICH (International conference on Harmonisation) guidelines.
  • Gas Chromatography Equipment (GC) (FID and MS)
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography(HPLC)
  • Magnetic Stirrers with Hot plates
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Potentiometric Titration
  • Karl fischer Titration
  • UV Instrument
  • Viscometer
  • Vaccum Leak Tester
  • Ultrasonic Bath
  • Refrigerator
  • pH Meter
Key R&D Activities

R&D in this area attempts to improve the efficiency and develop new products. All our efforts are directed towards:

  • Innovative Formulation development
  • Improvement of existing Products
  • Quality challenge in product development
Disinfectants and Hand Sanitizers

The Disinfectants and hand sanitizers received a major boost after Global pandemic situation of Covid – 19. Pontika Aerotech has its wholly-owned unit for these developments. Our research endeavours are well-supported by world-class infrastructure:

  • Analytical Research
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Quality Assurance
  • Intellectual Property Cell
Formulation R&D Capabilities
  • Design and development of different product for Pharma, Cosmetics, Ayurveda, in the form of Topical, Liquid and Aerosol.
  • Product development with new technologies like BoV (Bag on Valve ) system.
  • Pre-formulation studies
  • Lab and Pilot scale manufacturing and analysis
  • Process optimization and process validation
  • Stability studies as per ICH guidelines
  • Technology transfer of new products
  • Technical support to Manufacturing
  • Latest technology upgradation to provide technically superior, process efficient and International standards product.
  • Supporting dedicated packaging development labs

The group is well supported by competent analytical development team, which is committed to develop analytical methodologies that provide sensitive, precise, rugged, and accurate data in minimum time. Key activities include development & validation of various analytical test procedures for reverse engineering for marketed product, Assay, impurity diffusion studies etc by various techniques and specific test as per dosage form requirement by in-house test procedures and finalisation of their Specifications which will adequately evaluate desired-quality attributes.

Our Achievements

The Research Centre is capable of developing, scaling up and commercializing various products for pharma, Ayurveda and cosmetics category, dosage form like topicals, liquids, aerosol and nasal delivery systems. The focus is to develop innovative products for international markets. We can develop complex in-vitro analytical methods for various molecules to support the formulation development team. In a very short period after establishment, The R&D Centre has developed good number of quality products. The product range covers various pharmacological and non - pharmacological categories including Cosmetics, Hygiene and Ayurveda.